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Ken Runion, Supervisor of the Town of Guilderland, NY

The Guilderland Town Record

This is the campaign piece used by Ken Runion, Pat Slavick and Paul Pastore in the 2009 Guilderland Town Election.  The brochure lists the accomplishments of Ken Runion, as Guilderland Town Supervisor, and Pat Slavick and Paul Pastore, as Guilderland Town Board members.

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1. Fiscal Accountability

Ken Runion and the Democratic Team have kept the town tax stable. Guilderland has the lowest town tax in Albany County. Unlike neighboring towns, Guilderland has maintained a stable tax base and "rainy day" reserves. Despite the poor economy, Ken Runion and the Democratic Team have maintained a balanced town budget.

Moody's, an independent financial bond rating firm, assigned an Aa2 bond rating to the Town of Guilderland.

2. Parkland Acquisition and Improvements

Ken Runion and the Democratic Team increased recreational opportunities for children, families and seniors at Western Turnpike Golf Course, DiCaprio Park and Tawasentha Park.

For 2009, we will be constructing the McKownville Reservoir Park and replacing children playground equipment in two of the town's neighborhood parks.

3. Public Safety

Ken Runion and the Democratic Team expanded and enhanced police, paramedic and EMS services to better protect our community.  The Town works closely and cooperatively with first-responders to enhance services and protect our residents.

4. Public Trust


Ken Runion and the Democratic Team eliminated political favoritism, undue influence, and abuses of official position in Town government with a new ethics law.

5. Smart Growth

Ken Runion and the Democratic Team spearheaded a new comprehensive Master Plan, Rural Guilderland Plan and neighborhood plans to protect and preserve the Town's natural and historic resources and protect the quality of life of Town residents.

For 2009, we have created a bi-partisan zoning law review committee to review and recommend changes to the town's zoning law in conformance with the Comprehensive Plan and Neighborhood studies.

6. Open Government

Ken Runion and the Democratic Team televised Town Board, Zoning Board and Planning Board meetings to improve public access to town government; established a town-wide newsletter and improved the Town Web site to better connect residents to town government and community information; and, in 2009, made replays of the most recent Town Board meetings available on the Town Web site.

7. Pedestrian and Traffic Safety

Ken Runion and the Democratic Team addressed pedestrian and traffic safety issues in a public forum by establishing the Guilderland Traffic Safety Committee.
The Town has constructed sidewalks on Western Avenue and Carman Road to enhance pedestrian safety.  The Town actively pursues grants from the state and federal governments to install additional sidewalks.  The Town has received two additional Federal-State Transportation Improvement grants for sidewalks in McKownville and Route 146 in Guilderland Center.  Those projects will begin when the funding is released by the federal and state governments.

8. Quality of Life Improvements

Ken Runion and the Democratic Team improved the town water system and sewer system and made public water available to residents in the western portion of town who desperately needed it.

Ken Runion and the Democratic Team have worked tirelessly to improve the quality of life for our seniors.  In 2009, a new handicapped accessible senior bus will be added to the town fleet.  Here's what Community Caregivers has to say about Ken Runion and the Democratic Administration:

9. Intergovernmental Cooperation

Ken Runion and the Democratic Team secured over 3 million dollars in state and federal grants to enhance town services. Guilderland is the leader in developing inter-municipal agreements with neighboring municipalities to consolidate government services and save taxpayer money.

Recently, the Town and the City of Watervliet received a grant from the State of New York to look into the feasibility of establishing a joint water treatment facility at the Watervliet Reservoir.

10. Promises Made, Promises Kept

Ken Runion and the Democratic Team delivered on their promise to open town government, improve the quality of life of residents, hold the line on taxes, and enhance public safety. They continue to get things done with solutions to problems such as the flooding of Western Avenue in the vicinity of Western Avenue, storm water issues in the hamlet of McKownville and Curry Road, and environmental issues with solid waste management.

For the Latest News and Video of Guilderland Town Board Meetings, Visit Ken Runion's Guilderland Town Topics Web Site

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Written by Ken Runion   
To keep the public informed and Guilderland town government transparent, Ken Runion has created the Guilderland Town Topics web site.  This site offers readers information and Guilderland news, including discussion concerning agenda items and the latest town board decisions.  As of May 19, 2009, the site also hosts video of the Guilderland Town Board meetings.  Video of the Town Board Meetings are also available on this site by clicking on the Meeting date in the side menu.



The Guilderland Democratic Team

Ken Runion - Town Supervisor

Pat Slavick - Town Board

Paul Pastore - Town Board

Rosemary Centi - Town Clerk

Jean Cataldo - Receiver of Taxes

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